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Top Tips for Business Blogging

Hi everybody, many thanks for finding your way here and taking the time to give this article a read! The purpose of these Pure Storm pieces is to hopefully inform, intrigue and potentially even inspire its readers to continue to learn and grow! I always like to believe that if you feel you’ve learnt all you need to in this life, you’ve learnt nothing at all! So with that in mind, I shall kick off the first of these pieces, today covering the titular topic of ‘Top Tips for Business Blogging’.


Blogging is increasingly becoming an important and useful method of connecting with your desired audience. It’s a unique style of writing which is becoming more appropriate in the modern age. As someone who began blogging as a pet project through university, I can honestly say through the slightly less formal structure of blog writing, my overall comprehension, grammar and vocabulary improved as my blogging advanced.

And so that is my first tip for you all: Keep your blogging CONSISTENT. Too often when beginning work with clients I come across what I can only describe as blogging fatigue. More often than not, a company has taken a big step in engaging with its audience by publishing blogs and will put out 3 or 4 articles in close proximity to one another. And beyond that? Crickets… Whoever it was that was given the task of creating these blogs had some brilliant ideas and most likely spent a good portion of time crafting these brilliant articles, and then got fed up because they felt they were spending too long on writing each piece, and not seeing some form of return from them, be it in views, comments, clickthroughs or conversions. For me, writing these posts is something that should be enjoyable, intriguing and beneficial, both to you as the author, and to the reader. If you’re not hitting any of these key points, it will show in your passages. That’s why it’s best to formulate a consistent schedule, that is both achievable and effective. Post enough that you know you will in time build a faithful readership that remembers to keep coming back, but not too much that you suffocate yourself and your audience. Sit down and work out exactly how much time you’re willing to put into each piece, and factor that across your working week. Through this, and through careful tracking of viewing figures over time, you’ll come to know a pattern that works for all parties.

Now my next tip for Business Bloggers is one that might seem like an obvious one: Write about RELEVANT topics of interest. Notice I placed the word relevant in nice big capitals? That’s because, in my eyes at least, Business Blogging is a tightrope. On one side you can fall down if you stray too far from your required topic, purely because you’d rather be talking about a subject that interests you personally, and on the other side you can fall off the high wire when your content’s too entrenched in clunky jargon and rehashed topics, resulting in stale paragraphs and your reader leaving the site early. Now I would be lying if I said I’d never fallen foul of either of these mistakes in the past, it happens – certainly when you’re first blogging and are unsure of your audience – and that’s okay, as long as you can review your work and learn where you need to tweak segments in the future. My advice on this point: remember who you’re trying to write for AND why. If you’re writing about an exciting new piece of technology that has arisen in your industry, make sure you take that topic and position it correctly within the blog so that the reader is affected and becomes interested in it. Why is it important you tell them this news? How will it affect your company and will it improve your service delivery? There are a large number of questions you can ask yourself to ensure your topic is engaging and helpful to your readers.

My final point to make today (although there are many more to cover, which I’m sure I will in time!) is about ensuring you: Correctly find your tone of voice. How does one create a tone of voice through the written word you ask? Well, when blogging it is vital to remain conversational to allow for your personality to shine through, however, it is also worth remembering that you have a purpose when creating your blogs, which is to engage the reader and keep them coming back to your site. So that means don’t lose sight of your topic, or audience, just because you think it’ll make you sound more human to drop in an array of slang terms and spend more time talking about your favourite rock star instead of the subject in question (mine’s David Bowie, in case you were now wondering!). Yes, you should have a level of ‘chattiness’ within your text, but at the same time, you are a potential service provider and don’t want to come across as unprofessional to someone who should ultimately trust you. Another consideration to this point is that your tone should be dictated to an extent by your industry. If you run a sports shop, it wouldn’t be out of place to drop in an analogy related to the industry, for example.


I believe a good marker to move forward with, at least whilst dipping your toe in the world of business blogging is that if you wouldn’t be comfortable reading your post aloud in front of a room of clients, customers and colleagues alike, you should probably have a rethink about what it is you’re writing. Once your blog is published those are the exact groups of people that will be reading your blog!


Similarly, if you feel you just don’t have the time to create Business Blog pieces, or still don’t feel confident enough to write your own blogs, then get in touch and find out how Pure Storm might be able to lend a hand!


Until next time!



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